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Teaching microscope type Fluoroscope

Description :

The Microscope is Equipped with 5 Heads for 5 persons Observing at the Same Time. With the features of infinite Optical System, Effective illumination, LED Pointer and images Coherence, it is widely used in Clinic, Research and Teaching Demonstration.
The all new Fluoroscope microscope provides a high quality yet economical choice for a broad range of laboratory needs
and life science applications. It is ideal for tertiary education, medical schools and clinical laboratories. The Fluoroscope’s robust design, high quality optics, and a precision feel will result in greater comfort and productivity. A focusing, center able sub stage condenser provides Köhler illumination and ensures crisp, high resolution images across the field of view.
Ergonomic and simple to operate, Fluoroscope’s robust design will with stand the rigors of constant use.

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