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Laboratory Microscope type Slope series


Microscope series type Slope offers excellent image clarity with the advantages of infinity corrected optics for transmitted light applications. High quality infinity corrected objectives provide sharp, crisp images while Köhler illumination offers an image resolution usually found on more expensive microscopes. 
A modern design ensures a comfortable and ergonomic viewing position with all controls easily to hand, yet robust enough to withstand daily use in a busy laboratory. The pride of the Chinese industry (First class) -produced from the finest raw materials, design for combining multiple functions, fluorescence, phase contrast, polarizing, dark field.

Viewing Heads : This type of microscope is available with a choice of binocular and Trinocular viewing heads, with eyepiece tubes inclined at 30º and rotates 360° for maximum comfort. Eyepiece tubes are fitted with dioptre adjustment to ensure parfocality at any interpupillary distance from 55 mm to 75mm. The trinocular viewing head can be fitted with a video ‘C’ mount adapter for mounting digital or video cameras.
The trinocular head has a sliding prism mechanism to allow the user a choice of either viewing through the eyepieces or split viewing (50% camera / 50% eyepieces).

Standard eyepieces  are 10x wide field with a 22mm field of view.

Graduated Mechanical Stage
Smooth and precise movement of the specimen is assured with a graduated mechanical stage. The stage provides a travel range of 80mm x 50mm travel with right-hand,drop down coaxial controls. The large stage (150mm x 150mm) is located on ball bearing runners to provide reliable, smooth and precise movement. 

Quality Optics
Infinity corrected optics system with antifungal treatment are designed and manufactured to provide high quality images, offering advanced optical technology on a routine microscope. The objectives are parfocal and parcentred, minimising refocusing of the image. The majority of objectives (20x and higher) are spring loaded to prevent specimen damage. A focusin g Abbe condenser(N.A. 1.25) with filter tray provides Köhler illumination

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