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Laboratory Microscope: Opti-1 Series


The monocular, binocular or trinocular microscopes type Opti-1 series are characterized by their robust design and their excellent optical and mechanical qualities. Their vertical tubes allow cameras to be attached for documenting work in the form of photographs and videos and make it possible for specimens to be viewed through the ocular and on a computer screen at the same time. Low-temperature LED lighting ensures even illumination of the field of vision, prevents heat affecting specimens that are viewed for long periods as well as being long-lasting and eliminating the need for changing bulbs. Model Opti-1 series is equipped with an extra-wide-field ocular with a “high eye point”, making it especially suitable for those who wear spectacles and providing a broad field of vision. It is equipped with a plan ,semi-plan achromatic and achromatic objective, allowing observation of tiny features in excellent detail, while making it possible to maintain evenness of focus from the centre to the edges of the field of vision. The pride of the Chinese industry (First class) -produced from the finest raw materials, design for the first choice of individual, universities, schools and Scientific research organization.

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