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Laboratory Microscope: Opti-10 Lab Series


Microscopes type Opti 10 Lab are suitable for any applications that may arise in the course of advanced biology lessons. Their compact and ergonomic design facilitates ease of working with the microscope. They are equipped as standard with a bright fild fitting and have a large cross table, 2 pairs of wide-field eyepiece WF 10x and a four-way objective revolver with plan, semi plan or achromatic objectives, for outstanding observation of tiny details with uniform focus from centre to edge of field of view. There is a choice of two means of illumination: halogen lighting or low-temperature LED illumination. The LED lighting prevents heat affecting the specimen when viewed for extended periods, The pride of the Chinese industry (First class) -produced from the finest raw materials, design for the first choice of individual, universities, schools and Scientific research organization.

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