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Microscope series type Star 31 of biological microscope is a kind of cost-effective advanced laboratory microscope which is designed for the area of medicine clinical and biology research, Star 31 also can supply with refocus stage., Equipped with universal infinity independent plan achromatic optical system, chromatic aberrations and curvature of field are both ideally corrected over the field of view. And the objectives own higher NA's producing crisp, clear images with minimal flare . High eye-point, Wide field of view eyepiece, and its diopter is adjustable. Standard 10X eyepieces view-field can be chose between 20mm and 22mm. And high eye-point eyepiece with the distance up to 21mm view-field can bring you wider vision and more comfortable feeling.Ergonomic design: The position of coaxial coarse and fine focus knob can be adjusted The pride of the Chinese industry (First class) -produced from the finest raw materials, design for the first choice of individual, universities, and Scientific research organization.

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